Friday, February 11, 2011

Home at Last!

Michele has had a busy week. Her first night home was Wednesday, February 9th. That is 2 months and 1 day after the accident. She had about a month in Denver and a month at the Doak Walker Care Center. She is so excited to be home. Although she had great care at both facilities, there is just nothing like your own environment to speed up the healing process. My Steve brought a nice bottle of Silver Oak up to the Dunklin's house and we all celebrated her homecoming Wednesday. It was painful and exhausting for her the first night with the transport but she stuck to her pain medication timing. I would have given her drugs long before she was due, but she stuck it out till the allotted time - very strong and brave!  Sam was already busily replacing the kitchen sink as all of us talked about where she had been and how far she has come. Thursday was another travel day with a doctor and physical therapy appointment. Right now she is on her way to the High School to watch Zach's B-ball game (the first she has seen in a very long time). Her movements are slow and deliberate so there will be no walking without her walker, carrying anything, laundry, cooking, cleaning, or driving for some time. Her reaction time, pain medication, and healing of her wound and ribs will all play a factor in how fast she gets back to functioning on her own again. Right now she is just concentrating on healing.
Many people and  churches have been very generous with their food donations - thanks so much! I don't want to single anyone out in fear we will forget someone or don't make you feel as needed and necessary as all your donations of time, food, prayers, thoughts, visits, monetary donations, etc... have been, but I just have to say that Stevie D seemed really excited with the Spencer's thoughtfulness!  He is so thankful to all.
Michele is hoping to go to church on Sunday but the mornings are when she is in the most pain, we shall see what Sunday brings....

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  1. It was so good to see you at Zachs ball game. You look AMAZING!! Yes you have a long road ahead of you but what progress you have made. One day at a time. God is so good Michele and you are living proof of that. His grace is evident in your every step. Stay strong and keep smiling that beautiful smile! Love & prayers, Angel