Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walking all over the place...

Michele's sprits were very high today and she was walking all over the place while her room was getting spit shined clean. We went to the North wing and sat and chat for a bit then to her room (still getting cleaned) then to the physical therapy room where she rode the bike for 20 minutes then we walked back to her room (still getting cleaned) then down to the south wing where the pretty birds and the kitty all live then back to her room (still getting cleaned), but was almost beautiful, then back inside. She did all of this without the help of oxygen or any assistance. She has a brilliant red walker with wheels, brakes and a seat. Its really a lot more than an old fashion walker with no wheels and old tennis balls - its more like a powerful foreign sports car. We asked if she could borrow that one when she goes home. It may be a donated one and she can keep it till she needs only a cane. She had another right of passage moment today when the therapist took off her portable oxygen. She has been three days now with no oxygen.
The doctors still have not said 100% when the official going home date is but we are all under the impression it should be early this week. She sure is ready to be home and Steve even more so. I know he just wants his family under one roof. He had a joke in the ICU waiting room that he was sick of waiting since the very large acronym sign leading from the hallway of the ICU rooms to the ICU waiting room that read ICUwaiting. He was tired of Michele being in ICU now tired of her being at Doak. Everyone is thrilled she is going home soon. Hang in there Michele it won't be long!!!!
Tomorrow night is Diva at the Doak. She is so excited and has already requested a shower  so she can be pretty:) Speaking of pretty, she is ravishing. She looks like the old Michele minus a bunch of weight. She is a skinny-minnie now and although she has a lot of scarring on her mid section, her face is without a trace of the accident. Have fun on date night tomorrow night Michele & Steve! Thanks Diva in advance for tomorrow night - PS Michele likes her steaks medium while Stevie D is more on the rare side.

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