Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Strides (literally) in Therapy!

Michele has had some good days and bad. The other day Steveie D.  was there and gave her an awesome foot rub and lotioned her all up to make her heal - that was good. Too much therapy for two days in a row made her have a bad day the other day (just really tired not necessarily a bad day), but she is learning her balance of working hard but not too hard. One of her therapists really has figured out where her balance is. In addition to two therapy sessions a day she is also showering where that used to be a therapy session, so in reality she is doing three therapy sessions. Go Girl!
Yesterday's therapy was the most encouraging. She walked up and down a full set of stairs. WOW! This is huge to look back and realize that since December 8th and for several weeks after we didn't see her eyes except for brief moments and certainly we did know her life outcome or if she would walk and to what degree. Its just amazing to everyone who sees her that she has come so far. Prior to yesterday she had done a few stairs but certainly not a flight - up and down!
Today there was a big interview at the Doak by Matt from the Steamboat Pilot. I don't want to burst his thunder, so look for the article in the upcoming Pilot. I will also wait to read it and anything that I feel friends and relatives want to know that was not included in his article, I will blog tomorrow or Sunday.
Stay tuned .... By the way, today although her first respondent  Bryan Rickman was there and she calls him her hero and she knows he was the first part of her miracle life saving adventure, she gave all the credit and glory to God...


  1. Sounds like you are doing great, I'm so glad for all the prayers for you, I know they work. Hoping to come see you soon, I think my cold has about subsided, didn't want to get you sick, you have enough on your plate. Stay strong, keep praying and soon you will be home with those men you love so much and they love you right back you know!!!

  2. This is great!