Monday, January 10, 2011

Michele's Home!

Our prayers are answered. Michele came home to the Yampa Valley today around 1:30. She was transported via ambulance van. The doctors involved decided that the best place for her recovery is home. She will reside at the Doak Walker Care Center until she gains enough strength to go to her home – home; she is in room 41. I am so sorry we could not release this information earlier, but the doctors have been adamant that the transport would be traumatic physically and therefore no visitors for at least 48 hours. It was only determined this weekend she would be able to come home.
Michele and Stevie D. are so appreciative of everyone’s prayers and concerns! If you would like to visit Michele, call the Doak at (970) 879.1322 or 870.1208 to talk with her nurses to see if visiting is permitted on your day and time requested. Michele would love to see everyone, but she has to take it easy – especially this week, so please call first.
Your kind donations to the Michele’s Miracle fund set up at Vectra Bank helped Stevie D. to pay for today’s transport from Denver Health to Doak Walker Care Center. It was in doubt early on if the insurance would allow Michele to transfer at all, but it looks like that worked out. If you so desire to help financially the account will remain open at Vectra Bank to help offset the costs the family is occurring.
Michele has her trach area stitched up and it is healing. Her leg continues to heal with her wound vac. The tummy stitches have been removed and is healing nicely. The broken ribs still make her every move very uncomfortable but she is every bit herself and so appreciative that Steve has been by her side the entire time. She loves that Steve is so on top of where she has been and what is yet to come. Michele really loves you Stevie D!  Much of the experience has been her just doing what others have directed her to do. Finally now she is able to make her own decisions, wheel her chair, and decide when and what she eats. There is so much to be said for having some control over your life. You go girl!
Tonight Steve will sleep in his own bed in his own home with his son for the first time in over a month. God has been so good and faithful to answer all our prayers. Thanks everyone for all you have done to support and encourage Michele, Stevie D. and Zach through this entire process. She still has a way to go, so please keep up the prayers and good energy coming her way, so she stays positive and encouraged by God and your love and support.

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  1. Welcome Home Michele!!!!
    Just wanted you and Steve to know that there are many of us out here who have been keeping up with your progress thanks to Michelle's awesome blog and praying hard for your recovery. It is so wonderful to have you and Steve back home.
    You are most certainly a charter member of the "Tough old Broad's Society"
    Keep up the hard work of healing and we'll see you back at the bank before you know it!!
    Warmest regards,
    Terry & Kathy Stokes