Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday/Tuesday Trivia

Steveie D. let me know that yesterday was another good day and no procedures were performed on Michele. A wound vac. was  placed on her leg where her stitches came out to keep the wound drained, but other than that all is well.
Jeff and Natalie left yesterday but their flight was delayed till midnight - long day for them to get back to CA. Michele will certainly miss their company since they are both very  entertaining. We all loved the story of how they met and really how much they could make fun of Steven because of it.
The highlight of yesterday was when Larry and Anita Handing stopped by and Larry was wearing his Nacho Libre mask. I guess this was hilarious and Michele loved it!  Next the boys all walked downtown and had Gyros (a story within itself Steveie D can share with you later), while the girls pampered Michele. She got her nails done (sort of ), her hair washed, her body scrubbed (she has what looks like a sunburn peel going on from a rash), and eyebrows plucked. It sounds like it was almost a spa day, but not really.  Last night Michele and Steve watched Monday night sitcoms and ignored the visiting hour curfew.
Today was an equally wonderful day. She walked 10 steps, used the "restroom facilities", and even got in a wheel chair and wheeled to the lobby of Pavilion B where she was forced to don Steve's hideous sunglasses.  They remind me of flight training - perhaps they are actually back in style. The best news is the orders have been given to release her from the Step Down Unit and go to a regular care hospital room.  There will be a conference call Thursday to figure out insurance and transferring to our hospital.
A prayer request now is to keep the fluid build-up, infections, and fever at bay & financially speaking,  for the insurance company to allow her to transfer to the Yampa Valley Medical Center so she can be close to all of us and especially Zach.  Keep up the good work Michele we know therapy is tough but you keep being strong and keep your faith in the Lord! Here is a promise you can count on:  Trust in the  Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Love you!

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