Sunday, January 2, 2011

Burgers & Fries

"I want  Burger King, burger and fries," said Michele to the doctor. The doctor answered "Yes."  In the mean time so much else was happening that  Michele did not get her request as soon as expected.  
Little did Stevie D. know his nephew Jeff and his girlfriend Natalie had showed up at 2:00 am with rings on their fingers and bells on their toes on New Year's Eve, the night before, and surprised their parents at 2:00 am on New Years Eve (not really with rings, but very loud noise makers and funny hats). It was a hilarious adventure of Linda telling the hoodlums to stop banging on their door, and Sam going to give them a piece of his mind and realizing it was their son surprising them - this started the delay in the burger and fries.
Back to Michele... So Michele is so excited that the doctor says burgers and fries are OK but everyone is thrilled to see Jeff and Natalie, so Burger and fries have to wait, now that everyone is aware Jeff and Natalie are in town everyone is excited to eat lunch together. No one realized how long it would take for Burger King to arrive.
After a great meal Stevie D. orders the freshest burger and fries, double bags, and runs to Michele qt the hospital. A few hours later she enjoys a few bites of both.  This is just about the food.
The best part is that Michele is completely off the ventilator, trach, and no more worry zone. We are going to be headed home soon! She is talking and laughing and enjoying her family and friends, just ask River. We called him in the middle of a poker game so Michele could say good night and all-in! He was so happy and said this is amazing - you had to hear him to understand his happiness. I even broke down and cried when I saw her today - she has made an amazing recovery in the last  week since I saw her.  I have a lot more to say in the morning but too tired and elated tonight. Thank you God - she is your miracle....


  1. Incredible ... Congratulations Michele.
    You are one tough cookie

  2. It is great to hear things are going so well...Happy New Year to everyone

  3. LOVE that story, thanks so much for continuing to share with the rest of us. Michele you are such a fighter and such a wonderful example for everyone, and kudos to Steve for being such a great partner, you guys will be back in the boat before you know it, hugs and prayers for a wonderful new year

  4. There is beauty in your strength, Michele.
    Hugs, Janna and Grayson

  5. So glad to hear the recovery process is proceeding nicely! I really miss Steve at work Michele, sorry but it's true. you are truly an inspiration and proof that God answers prayers, I will be so happy to see you back in Steamboat, I miss your smiling, bubbly body bopping in to say hello. Keep up the good work and I'll see you soon.