Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve - New Room (328)

Michele is out of ICU and in pavilion B room 328 - YEA!. They were scared and skeptical the first time Michele went to the step down unit but this time around everyone feels like she is truly ready to leave ICU and are happy she is in step down. She is breathing 100 on her own with a little nose oxygen just for New Year' s Eve Fun.  Tomorrow they will drain the fluid again below her diaphragm and hopefully find the source of the infection. She has taken the full prescription of the first antibiotic but her white blood cell count is still highly elevated.  Her fever is gone - another YEA!  Not much more to say tonight. I will see her tomorrow and have a better bird's eye view of her happy factor. Happy New Year everyone and Steveie D says thanks so much Travis for the lovely flowers,  but she still can only have cards in step down.
Best to everyone for a Happy 2011. On K-Love (a radio station) the DJ's suggested to pick one word to work towards in the coming year. I have my one word for me and also picked a word for Michele. If we all pick a word and pray for that for her,  imagine how fast she will be 100% again. Keep up the faith all - she is gaining on it!

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