Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Positive Stuff

On a positive note Thanks you so much Reuter family for giving Steveie D. the one bedroom apartment near the hospital to help house himself and others while he is down here. Linda and Sam will continue to stay at the hotel which is just across the street; this is a good base camp since it is so close, but now we have more room with the Reuter place.  Last night Sam cooked us all an amazing Armenian meal - thanks Sam - it was delicious! Keep praying everyone for her Bowell to make a full recovery in addition to all your other prayers. It really works. Steveie D. says when I pray over her or read Bible verses to her her vitals go down instantly. There is so much power in saying God's word out loud. For all of you who are saying prayers, sending love, expressing good vibes and energy, leaving comments, sharing concerns, offering donations and anything else I am sure I forgot (sorry) thank you so much for being a part of Michele's recovery! Although not all of you share our Christan faith, you certainly have lots of  love to give and we feel it. Michele will be so happy when she is well to see how the town and her family and friends across the country, including prayer groups who don't even know her personally, rallied for her recovery.  Michele and Steveie D. are really loved and you guys are making a difference Thanks all! The other Michelle:)

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  1. Thank you again for the updates! It is so good to be up-to-date on Micheles condition and to know what specifics to pray for. God bless you for taking the time and energy to keep us all informed. Michele God is in control and is going to continue to give you all you need to fight like a warrior! There will be ups and downs but rest assured He will not leave you or forsake you. Praying for you and sending love your way. Hugs to Steve!