Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday - Best Day Yet!

Michele had the best day ever! Attitude is good, breathing is good, prognosis is good - all is good in Michele world. Linda has determined she will take a family leave from her teaching position of 22 years and care for Michele once she gets back to the Boat. This is such a blessing in itself because Stevie D. will be back to managing Cook Chevrolet and Zachary will be back at school, so to have Linda here is just another bonus point on the miracle pole.
I came home today with Ali and Corbin and brought my mom back with us. Little did we know another blessing was occurring. We drove right past the leaking vehicle in Silverthorne that has I-70 closed for 4 - 8 hours. We watched as the chemicals poured out and the guys in suits were lining every corner and intersection in Silverthorne. I had one more gift to get at the outlets and didn't think anything about the pit stop. Oh MY.... Little did we know cars right behind us would not make it as far as we did. Enough about us - glad to be home and not stuck on I-70.
Michele is our Christmas miracle and she continues to surprise and outdo anyone in her condition. Your prayers and well wishes have made such a difference. If there are any new changes I will update, but just know all is well and she continues to improve. all of you have made a huge difference in her healing. I tell her how the whole town has come together for her and she smiles. Its such a Christmas miracle to see people care so much for one person. Steamboat and all of its once upon a time locals have really rallied in prayer chains, good wishes, and positive energy. I love calling Steamboat home!
Danielle, everyone will miss you now that you have gone home and we look forward to seeing you and James sometime after Christmas. My kids are both calling you their favorite - Auntie Danielle.... From your wanna be Dunklin sister (another in-side joke, Michele will surely appreciate in time). Nighty night all, Michelle
PS - Dear Lord we don't know why things happen as they do, But we trust you. I am so happy to be praying to a God I don't always understand. If I got you, I would be a little worried. I don't want to worship a God I can understand; I want one that  is much more powerful than my wildest imagination. We do know however Lord you have had Michele in your hand since before the accident and have never left her side. We know whether we are in her room or not ,that you have a host of angels surrounding her and protecting her and you have never left her. You are there guiding every doctor and nurse and caregiver who is helping her or has helped her. Thank you in advance for her complete healing. We have all seen your power and miracles in healing and life and know you will restore her to full capacity. I can't wait to see what good will come from all of this. In Jesus Name we pray Amen.  Me and Zach and Michele joined hands and prayed this when I left today - It made Michele beam. She knows the Lord has her, so don't worry about her, friends - she knows she will be OK - her faith is strong.

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