Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upon Arrival to Denver Health (Formerly Denver General)

Upon Michele's arrival at Denver Health she was in the same stable condition after the flight but needed 2 liters of blood. She also needed platelets to get her white cell count to rise and fight infection. The Denver Health Center is known for its trauma care and the doctors at YVMC said it was the best place she could be. Prior to creating this blog we were trying to disseminate information the old fashion way. Here is the e-mail Chris Spradlin sent:

Michele Update

I just spoke w/ River ( a close friend of the family ) as well as Steve (Michele’s husband ) and here is the latest…
·        She had fluid on her heart this morning so the docs decided to do surgery & they believe it went well and fixed the problem…they continue to monitor
·        They mentioned that Michele was about to have a tracheotomy within the hour
·        Steve mentioned there are 3 to 4 big things that she is fighting through right now…all of which on their own can be very challenging
·        Michele is not out of the woods yet, but they are seeing PROGRESS! 
·        Seems like each small surgery or battle is turning out positive

Please continue to pray!

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  1. Michelle..praying for you. I miss seeing you at the bank. You were always a light and I am glad that God allowed our paths to cross. TT. (The stamp girl who always visited you at Wells Fargo. Love and prayers.