Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hi Michele,
Since this blog is truly for you to remember this time you are sedated, I will tell you how today went. You had x-rays this morning on your pelvis and I'm not sure what they learned, but afterwards you had to have your legs exercised and it was the most facial expressions Steveie D. has seen. I am so sorry you have to hurt and go through therapy, but I am sure the doctors know what they are doing. I feel like you were more responsive today. Its so good to have you coming back! We are all very optimistic that you are progressing towards healing. I forgot to tell you in earlier blogs that your initial CT scans (I may have that word wrong) determined that you have no brain damage at all. You will be our A+ girl once the rest of you heals - praise God - yet another miracle. We also learned your heart is bruised. I can tell when I pray over you it brings you comfort, but what we really see is how you respond to Zachary and Steveie D. - You really love your boys. You opened your eyes for about 30 seconds today.  I expressed today to Linda that I didn't like to see you squint your forehead and have to experience the pain but big sister is remaining fully positive and says "no pain no gain". I wish I had a sister like Linda. She is going to be by your side until January. The nephews are leaving tomorrow, but I really enjoyed meeting them both. Great men who love their parents so much. They will be back at Christmas but both being responsible men need to get back to work for now. I know Sam wants grand babies but those boys are holding out for perfect. You will have to ask the guys  about family poker last night. I missed it by going to mom's house after dinner, but I hear Stevie D. was his poker self for a bit. It's good he has his family and friends because he misses you.

Sue and Stu came today and brought enough food to feed the hospital. We had sushi, cold cuts, trout, and salmon. The best was the baklava tray:). You have so many people that love you. The bag of mail they brought down was full with letters to you. Keep getting well and keep focusing on God. I am sure He was your last thought after the wonderful lunch we had the day before your accident. Love you girl! Michelle


  1. Dear Michele, Stevie and Zach, We are thinking about all of you and pray for a speedy recovery although we do know you all have a long road ahead of you. You are a strong family and will get through this together but if you need anything you know where we are, Steve....
    Michelle are truly a special friend to set this blog up for Michele!! Thank you for being there for everyone!!

    Debby, Scott and Matt Beilhartz

  2. Hi Michele - I drove from Genessee / Evergreen back to Steamboat this morning and you were in my thoughts the whole way. Every move I made on the road I did consiously and carefully and you have made me so much more aware of my surroundings. Thank you for keeping me safe on my travels. Michelle D - this blog is so wonderful for us who want to inquire, but need to keep our distance as we are not 'close enough'. I know Sue and Stu, and I can just imagine the feast they brought along. It is so good to hear of the little improvements every day. with love, Vicki Hinchcliffe & Brad Bailey

  3. Thinking about you Michele and praying for a speedy recovery. My heart broke for you when I heard the news on Friday. I know what a strong amazing woman you are so there is not a doubt in my mind that you will be back with your family and friends in no time. Sending you all of my love and healing thoughts my friend...xoxoxo Ashley

  4. Michele I'm thinking about you and praying for you too. I hope things start to heal quickly. We all love and miss you. Take care. Love to Steve and Zach too. Love you JoJo oxo