Thursday, December 23, 2010

Michele Walks!

Michele walked today! She was able to get out of bed with assistance and walk around her room with a walker. Steveie D. said it hurts her a lot but she is doing it! This is so amazing. Her accident was only 15 days ago. She has to be careful not to put too much weight on the leg with the broken tibia and ankle, but other than that she can walk. She is also 100% off the ventilator so no more assistance with breathing and only a flow of oxygen through her Trach. So with all this good news comes even better news. She gets to move from ICU today to the step down unit which is less intensive care. It is she predicted will be there for 3 - 7 days then back to Steamboat Springs. Steveie D. said he is freakishly happy:)
With today's great new and progress,  Linda and Sam were so excited that they went to the store and bought the entire ICU staff 4 giant platters of fruit and vegetables, and deserts and lunch wraps  and cupcakes and you get it - everything you can imagine. The staff is very happy with Linda & Sam!
Today was a big day of visitors. Dan & Kristy Reagan, Sencery King and her grandma and grandpa (Chad and Heather Kings daughter), Jim Moilan, Alex and Teresa Luber.
Back at the hotel.... James you hid the salmon so good Stevie D. just now found it in the frig. Were you hoarding that as your personal stash and forgot it???? And you thought it was all gone...
River was able to pick up some personal belongings today from the vehicle but haven't heard yet how that went. He is coming over shortly for dinner so we shall see what was salvaged.
Thank you Jeff at Neste for fixing my cracked windshield yesterday (happened on the way to the airport with Danielle). Michele its good to be your friend. I get VIP treatment now - No Charge!. Thanks so much Jeff! He also sent his prayers to the whole Dunklin family.
We are all so proud of Michele and her progress - Keep the prayers coming as we still have some internal issues that need to be resolved.  You are doing so great Michele! Everywhere I go in town people ask about you and send their concern and prayers and hugs. We will see you very soon....
PS - Go to the bottom of the blog and look at the new picture of Michele walking....

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