Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Great Day!

The posts may go down to one every other day since she is doing so well. She continues to push the envelope on the times the exercise duration last and her ability to withstand excruciating pain for most of us. She was breathing on her own, sitting in the bed chair, and even leaned up and held her self for minutes for a ferocious back scratch. Once she rested a bit the physical therapist had her swing her legs off the bed and sit by herself with no help for 10 minutes. I am sure the therapist would have been satisfied if she would have sat for only a single minute. Michele is doing great. We may not make the Christmas goal but perhaps New Years.

Michele, there have been many funny family times. This is what you need to ask when you are out:

What did Teresa, Linda and Donna do at burger King? How many orders of fries did they finally get and how did they finally get them.

When Danielle and Stevie D went on their walk what was Steveie D's reward and who is Big Dave?

Who is on Sam's top 5 list?

And the last one Michele is my question for you: on a scale of 1 - 10 how hot would you rate Trevor (Danielle says not to count the side burns)?

I am sorry this won't make sense for most of the blog followers,  but trust me Michele will love the the family fun

The kids and I went to the mall today. Its funny how boys shop for their mothers. I guess the more fragrance's in a 14 year old mind, the better. Just remember he did it all by himself:)

The Benihana knock off dinner tonight was fabulous. I wish you could have been with us.

Linda and Sam wrapped presents today for the kids at the hospital and the staff offered them Broncos tickets. I don't think Linda will go, but don't expect to see your boys next Sunday.

We love you and thank God for the healing that has already occurred and the healing to come.


  1. Hey Steve and Michele, I am amazed at your strength and composure, somebody is watching over you guys!, and I wish you many happy holidays for years to come! I drive up to 800 miles a week for my new job, I am the Dell, IBM and Sony warranty repair tech now for NW CO. I just hope the gods of travel watch over me, especially in this snow storm.

    I drove through Hayden that day and saw your SUV, I didn't think anybody could survive that!, you must have good Karma!

    Happy Holidays!, Ted Rockwell

  2. Another good report, always nice to hear. You are so strong Michele, keep your fighting spirit going. You are always close in thoughts and prayers! Steve & Zach I hope you know how much love is being sent your way. So many people praying and thinking of you. God bless you all! Love, Angel