Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Michele is now out of ICU and resides in Pavilion B Room 350. It was a another great day with no Ventilator and they even changed  the Trach. She was able  to talk to say hi to Zach and Stevie D for a minute today while between trachs. Then she said I hope they don't cram another one of those things down my throat, but unfortunately they had to put one back in.  Today was very tiresome with morning walking  - 10 steps and being a bit anxious over the room change. After Stevie D. left her room today they put a do not disturb sign up for a bit because she has to have her rest and we all know how she likes to entertain.  
River is down there now and  the boys ( Steve, Zach, and River) are headed back to the hotel for dinner and down time till the 8:30 visiting hour appears again. Steveie D. was finally able to get in an afternoon nap - he has not afforded himself such a luxury yet , so he must be feeling better about Michele, her progress and prognosis. It is going to be a different kind of Christmas in the hospital, but they will make it knowing they have Michele.
Tonight at the Christmas eve. service, Pastor Troy reminded us as we left the sanctuary to go out and be lights like the candles we were holding. Steveie D. was so bummed not to be at church tonight for Christmas Eve. but he is a light to Michele and the family remains strong and bonded and lights for each other.  Sam and Linda are still there and a strength to Michele while away from their own boys. The whole group is blessing one another as God has blessed Michele.
Merry Christmas Eve all and Thank you God for our Christmas miracles -  Michele and your Son!

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