Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday News - New Faces

Today began just like yesterday closed. Great news with Michele improving. To Michele's surprise she was able to meet Bryan Rickman the West Routt Chief/paramedic who initially made the life saving choice on freeing  Michele from the vehicle. At first she did not know who he was, but when Stevie D. told her she held his hand then brought it to her heart. I wish I could have seen that. Bryan probably doesn't get to see the happy ending as often as he would like. I know it will always mean a lot to Michele that he made the effort to visit her in ICU. Steveie D. is forever grateful to him. More visitors today as well. Tommy Reuter, the Stimsons. and  Nancy K. who brought Zach down yesterday. I am sure that made Michele happy. Not being down there today, but working instead, I don't have a ton of funny stories to tell you except Michele got tired today and kicked everybody out of her room to go have lunch together.  I am not sure if this was before or after Stevie D. bumped her bed and got the look.  She is much more interactive at times, but when she is tired she has to rest.  
This afternoon produced another little "walt." Walt is what Steveie D refers to as a set- back. Fluids are gathering in the lungs, but the doctors are keeping a close eye on it. Lets just keep praying it is taken care of along with the other complications as quickly as possible.
Other updates: Michele is alert enough to tell us where she hid Zach's Christmas present so that will be wrapped and make its way to Denver tomorrow. Stevie D is now working out on the treadmill since he has  had too much comfort food. Linda, Sam and Stevie D continue to be the rocks that have not left her side. Danielle should be a lip reader since she is the master at comprehending her. Linda my love and prayers especially to you tonight. I hope you had some refreshing time today with God in the chapel.  I know how important it is for you to have that time and how very important your sister is to you.
See you all tomorrow. Let Z-Man know Ali and Corbin are looking forward to a little mall time with him. Teresa and Donna drive safe in your early morning departure - I'll be a few hours behind you guys.


  1. I was honored today to see Michele after all she has been through. Meeting the rest of the family was a real treat. As I was getting ready to leave she said "Thank you for all you did".. Followed by a smile...Priceless

  2. U r doing the best you can be doing mom. it was amazing to see your smile when bryan rickman walked in the icu room today and feeling the happiness throughout the room. that was amazing. and i hear about this christmas present. hmmm. i wonder what it is, im stoked to see it! but the best christmas present is going to be me giving u a semi big hug because u will still be hurt but it will still be great. i love u mom. Love your son Zach