Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Update

Michele's status is that she is back on the ventilator and has a tube in her lung to drain the fluid. They are working on clearing up the infection. Everyone feels comfortable with her back in ICU because the level of care is superior.  
Christmas dinner was delivered by Mr. & Mrs. Clause (AKA: Stu and Sue Fishman). Linda and Tom joined the group and there was a festive event. Michele needs her rest so encouraged the boys to leave the hospital and also attend a game. River said everyone is very optimistic and realize while it is a long haul she is gaining on her recovery. Everyone in Denver is feeling the love and prayers of us all....


  1. Continuing to pray for you Michelle! I loved seeing the picture of you walking, what a blessing. It sounds like you have had some trying days but hang in there and know that God still has you in His hands. One day at a time right? Stay strong!! Much love, Angel

  2. Be strong Michele! Everywhere I go people ask me how you are doing. My girls pray for you everynight! Emma says the sweetest things for you. She also left you a goodie bag at your desk on Thursday, I saved the note for you, it's posted on your desk. We all love you Michele, keep fighting. Love you, Michelle T.