Saturday, December 18, 2010

Work Day

Michele is tuckered out today. Lots of visitors and breathing on her own. She had a Cat Scan earlier in the day and we are still waiting for the results. Also closed her tummy a bit more today, so she really has been worked over.  She even wrote on a pad of paper earlier in the day. Zach was so proud of his mom he texted a picture of the writing  to Corbin. Her voice is becoming slightly more than lip reading and its getting easier to understand her needs. My visit was short since our three hour drive from SS took 5 hours today. Once at the hospital the kids decided we should go to the Nuggets game so Zach, Corbin, Ali and myself had a great time and Z a much deserved reward after being such a trooper and support for his mom and dad - he is an awesome young man! We are hopeful for more lung exercises tomorrow and positive results of the cat scan.
Other updates: Teresa learned when the ICU smells like burnt popcorn when the flight for Life has just come in. The waiting room was packed tonight. James who is back in Arizona has learned to access the blog (miracles are happening all around us). Buddy and Colleen King are headed back to SS after a visit - drive safe Kings! River said the snow was great today on the mountain. Hope lots of you got out and enjoyed it. I want to give a shout out to my husband, Steve,  who stayed home with the puppies and is catching up the laundry - You rock Steve - thanks for understanding my need to be here.  I only saw Sam and Linda briefly since we went to the game, but I hope Sam is going to cook something yummy soon. Teresa and Donna are taking one of the rooms at the hotel tonight. We decorated the hotel  with a baby Christmas tree and all of the Dunklin gifts. Michele did a lot of shopping ahead of time (we can't disclose the gift hiding place but it was a good one) - good work Michele for shopping in advance!
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep, the angels watch me through the night and wake me in the morning light - Nighty Night everyone - Sweet dreams Michele...


  1. Thank You so very much for writing this blog Michelle. Even though I'm on the central coast of Cali. I feel like I am there every step of Michele's recovery.
    Stevie D keep the text's coming Brother. Zack you are a strong young man and it is a pleasure to have you call me Uncle.

    Michele, You are as strong and if not stronger than the people around you. Stay tough Lady. You will make it through this. Keep that man in check. (Even if it is with a roll of your eyes!) I hope to come out next month and help in any way possible with your recovery.

    Jeff Parker

  2. We are very happy to hear that you, Michele, are doing better and better every day! You have been on our minds alot and we are praying and pulling for things to continue to improve for you.

    I'm sure you wont remember us because it's been a LONG time since we have seen you.We were customers of yours at Wells Fargo in Steamboat. Regardless you are remembered and thought of!

    May God bless you and your family and friends that you will continue to improve and your family and friends will be safe in their travels to see you.

    Thank you to Michele for keeping this blog up to date so we are able to see how well you are doing. What a great friend you are!!