Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tub Tuesday and Threw Away some Tubes

So Michele has made some good progress towards her recovery today. Her feeding tube and lung tube have been removed - Just Say NO to a Liquid Diet! She is able to drink juice and some other yummy concoction well some other nutritional something, perhaps its not so yummy. Her doctors told Steveie D. that it may just be days before she can try to go back to the Step Down area of care. Her fever has subsided for the most part.  Yesterday was a day full of visitors including Scott Cook's family (owner Cook Chevrolet), the Sperry family, and my guys Steve and Corbin Diehl plus of course the regulars Linda, Sam & River.
Yesterday was Bailee bath day. I may be saying that wrong but it entails cleaning every nook and cranny of all the wounds and body. It took three people (Linda, Steve and Nurse) 2.5 hours to accomplish this task. Maybe we should bathe longer? I have never even been in a bath tub with smell good beads for over 1/2 hour. Way to get clean Michele! Steveie D. said he was exhausted afterwards, so you can imagine how Michele must have felt.
Corbin and Zach continue to honor Michele by playing all the Xbox games she bought Zach.  We found the Xbox early on in a great hiding place in the house then River went to the car to recover the rest of his presents -Xbox stock should rise this year. The boys (Stevie D., Zach, my Steve and Corbin) are going to the Nuggets game tonight for a little hospital break. I know Michele will be so happy they are getting away, since her concern is more for her boys then herself. She does need her rest and Linda and Sam will be there to watch out for her, although in this ICU the nurses and staff are amazing.  Have a good night Michele! People continue to let me know how much they love you and are thinking of you. All the girls at Bella salon today sent their love and prayers. Amy said to let her know when you need anything done to your hair and she will come down and take care of you:). We know you will be home before you need a new do.....

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