Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great Day

Last nights fever is gone and today is progressing nicely - all vitals are good to go. We are waiting for the results of the culture to figure out the correct antibiotics but it seems the initial antibiotics are helping her a lot. No word on the other stuff yet. She is talking up a storm, I should say mouthing up a storm. Danielle is a master at reading lips, so she is key in helping Michele communicate. She is as alert as we have seen her. She is even watching TV now. She is excited about Zach's arrival. Linda just came out and said "excellent" she is smiling and already annoyed at Stevie D, so we know things are getting better. Rolling her eyes seems to be the first thing that comes back - we are going down to the awesome cafeteria (seriously it is awesome!) for a celebration lunch while nurses make her pretty:). Thank you God in advance for making her completely well!


  1. Yay!!!! Such good news! Continuing to pray for a speedy recovery Michele! Michelle Diehl, we are so thankful for your daily communications to keep us posted. You are an angel in Michele's life as well as ours! Hugs!

  2. So glad to hear such good news! Thank you, Michelle, for keeping us all posted on Michele's recovery. You are a blessing to Michele, her family, and all of us back here in Steamboat!

  3. Michelle,
    thank you so much for the daily update, great for us here in Steamboat and Michelle D. will love it! Michelle is in our thoughts and prayers EVERYDAY and we are sending positive thoughts and vibrations. The boys all played very well at the concert the other night. here is to a progressive weekend!

    The Goods - Jeff, Nancy, Jasper and Sierra