Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Clarification

Michele is in ICU and had a minor surgery last night to insert a drainage tube. It is just below the lung not in the lung like we originally thought. They are hoping to drain the chest and therefore find the infection which spiked her 104 degree fever.  Michele now has her cell phone with her,  so she can text Steveie D. if she is worried or anxious for any reason.
Good News is Jeffrey and Steven surprised their parents by coming to Denver from California on Christmas eve. They didn't tell their parents they were coming and jumped out in the lobby and both scared and surprised them - good one guys! I am so happy for you and your parents to get to be together for Christmas!
Several more visitors have come and gone, but since I am no longer down there, I am trying to piece together all that is going on. It is still very stressful and tiring for the hospital family crew. Sometimes when I talk to the group there, only the pertinent  medical information about Michele and her recovery is passed along,  but know that Steveie D. appreciates everyone who has reached out to Michele and the entire family. Her being back in ICU is being seen as a good thing to the family - so no unnecessary worrying - just prayers.  Stevie D. will update us again this afternoon.....

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