Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quiet Day

Steveie D stayed with Michele all day. She likes to have him by her side, especially the last two days. Linda is with her now and helping the nurse to bathe her and change the bedding. Steveie D. told Linda she couldn't help and the nurse told Linda to get some gloves on so the nurse knows a good helper when she sees one.

Michele is much more aware of all that has taken place and what is still to come. Its daunting to think about her recovery. They have placed her on a button pump that allows her to administer her own medication. With her high tolerance for pain she is able to make it without a lot of button pushes. She has been off the ventilator all day. Tomorrow may be the day she is able to ween completely off the ventilator (we hope and pray). This will be a huge step in getting closer to leave the ICU. She will have a T Piece (SP?) after the ventilator is gone which will allow a flow of oxygen but still she is doing all the breathing on her own. 

Great news from the Cat scan and respiratory doc. The abscess is drained and the infection is going away. All vitals are improving. The respiratory doc. could not be happier with all.

Nancy sent me an e-mail with a fun fact for you all. If you come to visit Michele, don't think that you can accidentally "misrepresent"your age because Michele will call you on it! The boys enjoyed bowling today with Linda and Sam. Me, Ali and Danielle did a little Christmas shopping. Going to see Michele now. More updates tomorrow but everyone keep optimistic and positive because we know God has her....

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