Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Emergency Docs in Steamboat

Allen Belshaw and Mark Hermacinski are amazing! They are both general surgeons who were at YVMC and saved Michele. They are also trauma surgeons.  In level 1 trauma centers the trauma surgeons and trauma chiefs are general surgeons, just like Mark and Allen. YVMC is only a level 4 trauma center, but they do have residency trained and board certified trauma surgeons. I can't say enough how impressed the docs at Denver Health are with our surgeons. Stevie D. and I were just talking that people here (Denver Health)are still talking about what a job they did on Michele. Anyway, Steamboat, we have a top notch facility with the best docs anywhere. Stevie D. and all of us are so thankful and grateful to everyone involved thus far...  


  1. This is a prime example of why the State of Colorado has a Trauma System. This system assures patients that they will receive the best trauma care possible. It starts with the field providers and continues clear to the Level 1 trauma centers. Although I never met Michele before Wednesday... this is the reason working in EMS is so rewarding.... friends helping friends.