Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Exercises

Today is a busy day for you girl. Since you are proving everyone wrong in how long it takes to recover from horrific trauma you might as well breath on your own long before expected. The respiratory team says this is very aggressive treatment to take you off the ventilator for extended periods this early, but you are handling it. You will be breathing on your own with oxygen today then they will put you back on the ventilator to get a good nights rest. Some people don't like to take deep breaths with a few broker ribs - I guess 22 is nothing for you. Stveie D. says your tolerance for pain is very high. It sure is! You are also very sensitive to the medication so it doesn't take much to keep you pain free - we called you a cheap date:) You may not have surgery today since they were checking on your kidneys this morning, but maybe tomorrow. They are watching your vitals to access the pain and you are handling it - way to go! Linda said you even mouthed kisses last night after I took the boys home. Because you are doing so well..... Steveie D has asked for specific prayers to have you home (to the YVMC or Doak) by Christmas. I know with God's help and He sure hasn't left you yet, we will have you home by December 25th. See you soon...

PS - Teresa said Sasha met a new friend who has a fenced yard. Her friend is a little older she is now one, and they are already best buddies. Sasha is enjoying her holiday. Teresa is putting her in obedience training with Diana Childs since you won't be able to train her when you come home. She will be so excited to see her mommy again. Her neutering has healed up just fine.

For all Michele's friends  - If you would like to contribute to the family monetarily an account is set up at Vectra Bank under the name of "Michele's Miracles" Teresa Luber can be contacted at the bank directly for any information on the account: Her direct line is 970.870.4220 - thanks so much Teresa for doing this!


  1. what wonderfully, awesome news, keeps getting better everyday. What a warrior you are, we are weak in comparison. xoxo

  2. Michele: Even though we had never met before last Wed. I find there is a connection growing stronger every day. As I was reading the blog today at my desk... I was listening to Gwyneth Paltrow signing Country Strong at the CMA awards. The more I listened to that song, the more it reminds me of you. You are one remarkable lady... But... I figured that out very early on. Here is wishing you a speedy recovery. Steve you are in my thoughts all the time. Bryan Rickman

  3. Michele and Steve, you truly have a spirit of strength that will carry you through this ordeal. Trust the little improvements every day and soon the worst will be over and you'll be back home again. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Dots & Vince Gigliotti