Thursday, December 9, 2010

First 24 Hours

Michelle Diehl (me) and Corbin my son who is Zach's good buddy, came down Thursday mid-day. Teresa Luber and her mom Carol came shortly after us. River, Teresa and me all tried to collect the information and keep the story straight its amazing how much we can"t remember - information overload.  Here is the information we were able to collect from the doctors and nurse:

Michele had the Trach. and color is looking better. This was to get tubes out of her mouth. Doctors say she is still critical due to many major organs being damaged. She does have both kidneys still but one is lacerated and so is liver. Diaphragm was fixed in surgery today and not a lot of blood so that was good news. Lung is bleeding but tubes remove blood. Organs will have to heal although docs have done what they can. They continue to give her antibiotics for infection. White cells is up which fights infection - good news. Its a miracle she even lived to make it to YVMC. God is with her. We continue to hear about miracles. The on-scene guys (paramedics) saved her life then was able to get her to YVMC - although CPR did not have to be used. The ER docs in SS were the ones to initially stop bleeding of a few organs and save her again - docs here (Denver Health) said not being trauma docs they did an amazing job! Lots of broken stuff (including 22 broken ribs and hip) and lacerations. Some are not life threatening. They will keep her sedated for a very long time - expect three weeks here then maybe weeks or months at YVMC. The doc just said its a marathon and expect her to get worse before better - its typical ICU stuff. Sorry I can't call everyone. I'm in the ICU with her now. disperse as you deem fit. I will start a blog tomorrow. Keep Praying!!!:) Love to you all, Michelle and our star patient Michele:)


  1. I love you Michele and am praying for you constantly! Keep fighting :) i love you! Ali

  2. Dakota and I are praying for you Michelle! Deb