Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Complications - Prayers Needed

Michele, Michele, Michele - Just when we thought we had you out of the woods and you were going to prove everyone who told us to be ready for two steps forward and one step back theory wrong, you  took a little step back today. You have some complications. Steveie D. Has asked me to alert all of you to the complications and to pray for Michele for a successful outcome, please.

The Cat Scan this morning has found air in the Bowell and also an abscess. Our prayers are that the air takes care of itself and that the Bowell continues to receive a good flow of oxygen and when the abscess is drained the infection will be identified and cleared up quickly. The docs. will continue to monitor her and her fever for a day or two to determine the course of action. She will not be sitting up on the hospital bed chair or exercising her breathing on her own today. The phentanol (SP?) drip has been reintroduced to keep her more sedate while the docs figure out how to manage the new issues.  We are not sure if there are more infections or where they are, but in time that will be identified. She is on basic antibiotics now but will be on the exact antibiotic for her infection once the abscess is cultured. Keep praying....

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  1. Praying everyday for you and your family, Michele. You WILL be ok, I have faith and so do many others. You will show the world that prayers work and that God is helping you through this. We won't stop praying until we see your smiling face in Steamboat again. God is holding you Michele, always remember that. Love to all