Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Better Every Day

Michele's recovery is coming right along thanks to all of you! Its a long day just laying around doing therapy and watching TV, so short visits by loved ones really boosts her spirits.  Steveie D continues to be there as much as possible in the evenings, until Michele kicks him out and makes him go home and eat. During the day, he is back to work at Cook Chevrolet. He has been away a long time and is really looking forward to being back at Cook selling cars. I know he has told Scott at Cook Chevrolet how much he appreciates the family leave time, but all of you should know what a great company Cook is for allowing Steve the time he needed to be with Michele and Zach. Thanks Scott!
Zach is also doing well and was released to go back to school today. He will soon have the full release to play contact sports again, but for now its just light practices.  
Euzoa Bible church is going to be arranging a helpers calendar which will allow all of you that have wanted to cook meals, clean house, run to the  grocery store, etc... a chance to help out. Once they have it posted I will let you know how to access it. In the mean time keep your prayers and well wishes coming and stop by for  a quick hello to brighten Michele's day. Thanks everyone!

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