Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doak - Day 2

I can't believe it is already Wednesday and Michele has been home for two days. In that short time a lot has happened, but not so much to MIchele.
In double overtime against Kremmling Monday night  Zach suffered a concussion. He was tested last night and is out of school for finals week and who knows for how long from Basket Ball - sorry dude - hope your head gets better. Its probably not as serious as what Michele has gone through but another little responsibility and concern  for Steve. Luckily he has great spirits and is taking God's direction as it comes in prayers and not in worry. He knows he needs to be with his family and help them both to get well. Hopefully very soon he will be back at Cook Chevrolet making us all great deals on Chevy's and Subaru's. I wouldn't have mentioned Zach, but we had to laugh at all the "Walt" that has come their way. In addition to coming home to Z's misfortune, Stevie found out that when your household tools don't work its a pain to be a stay at home mom. The washer has a little mystery to it that only Michele can figure out, so he has been drying his clothes and sheets without a spin cycle. Zoe the kitty spent most of the month on Steveie D's side of the bed so when it was time to sleep in his bed for the first time in a month he found Zoe hair everywhere. So much for the cat nap.  Hang in there Stevie D! Steve is an inspiration that he is staying so positive. He is really happy to have Michele home and realizes Zach will heal, but he has a lot of "Walt"...
Linda, how are you? I know you are going crazy not to be here tending to your little sister, but she will be home soon and then you can come out and take over. We all are looking forward to having you guys here.
Michele is still recovering so we all have to call before going to the Doak to visit. Please keep stays to 30 minutes or less. Michele is such an entertainer she will want to talk and talk but try to keep her interaction to a minimum while she is gaining strength. I made the mistake of staying too long and she was really wiped out, so don't be like me - thanks from Steve.
The doctor came in today and said x-rays looked great and she is healing marvelously. He also said he only had to remove 20% of her lung the night of the accident, so he is encouraged by how well her lungs are healing.  keep up the love Yampa Valley - you mean so much to the Dunklin family!


  1. So gald to hear Michelle is back in Steamboat - the news brought tears of joy...
    so sorry to hear about Zach - more prayers are a coming...I would like to help with meals Michelle D. so let me know when i can help with that...keep up with the it!!!

    love and hugs from the Good Family!

  2. Thanking the Lord you are all home! That has to feel good. I will come visit soon, want to give you time to rest and adjust. Steve hang in there with the "domestic" duties- you can do it! God bless you all. So glad to have you home. Praying for you, Angel. xo