Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long Blog...

Michele has made amazing progress and her diagnosis is even better. We all believe in our hearts God will bring her back to the Yampa Valley very soon.
That’s the good news the other news is Sam and Linda went back to California for a while. Its bitter sweet in that Linda (Michele’s sister) has been with Michele since the accident and has been a huge support to her, the family, and all her friends who have visited. Sam as well has been the cook and stable force through Michele’s recovery since day one. Linda plans to return to her teaching position until Michele gets back to her home, then they will return to Steamboat again to help care for Michele during her rehabilitation stage. Linda and Sam, Steve asked me to let you know how great it was having you both here. There are really no words for what he feels and how much he appreciates you both! River and I too loved feeling a part for your family and being taken in as such. I believe Michele's recovery has a lot to do God's will;  the great care and talent of the emergency team, doctors and nurses involved; but equally so, to the love her family has covered her in. We will have to wait and see the lessons learned from this tragedy, but what stands out for me is the importance of family. We all look forward to Michele being well enough to bring her back to Steamboat and have Linda and Sam return to kick some booty in her strengthening phase, like only an older sister canJ
Michele has had some visitors. River of course is back and taking care of Stevie D. & Tommy Reuter has been down with his support and well wishes. It was really great to see her favorite nurse from ICU, (the only one who gave us assurance early on that she would live) who came to her fourth floor room to see and encourage Michele. The staff at the hospital is truly amazing and the Dunklins will forever be in their gratitude for all everyone did at Denver Health.
Meanwhile, Zach has been well cared for, back in school and playing basketball, while staying with the Kounoskys and Lubers. Nancy and Teresa – you both know how much Stevie D. appreciates you both for taking such good care of Zach and relieving one worry from his mind. I am sure Zach has also enjoyed it very much!
Stevie D. has been helping Michele with lotion rubs to try and decrease the Howlie Rot (Howlie Rot is what my husband’s Hawaiian roommate in college called it when a non Hawaiian would peel from a sunburn). Her rash caused her entire body to burn and peel, but she is just about through that phase and looking almost as good as new. She has been in a stand up shower and even wheeled outside, but it is very cold in Denver, so she didn’t get to stay too long outside.  Her appetite is back and she is drinking three cans of assure everyday for the nutritional value then eating good stuff like Butterscotch pudding River found for her.
Steveie D. went up to our old nesting place in the ICU waiting room and visited with the Roberts family who were there.  He expressed prayers for Jon’s full and speedy recovery. We all hope that Denver Health will be Steamboat free very soon…

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  1. Michelle it sounds like you are doing so well. Praise the Lord! Keep that fighting spirit strong so you can get back to Stmbt. soon. One day at a time. I saw Theresa & Zach at a bb game Saturday. Good to see Theresa and get a report from her. Praying for you daily and know you are in Gods hands, the best place you can be. God bless you. Sending hugs, Angel