Monday, January 31, 2011

Care Calendar & More of the Interview....

Matt's article yesterday was great - he is a good reporter - thanks Matt!
There were several things that I learned from the interview I would like to mention as well.  Bryan Rickman who was the first official responder to Michele said when he arrived a couple was with Michele who were comforting her. They were doctors and married, I believe he said they were anesthesiologists, but not sure. If you are out there and have followed Michele's blog please know that the Dunklin family and all of her friends and relatives are so grateful you were there to keep her calm and comfort her.
Bryan also said one of  his off-duty guys was in the area when this took place and he came and helped on his day-off, by driving the ambulance, so Bryan could be in the back with Michele - thanks also to that fireman! Bryan said Michele was answering all her questions  - she said her back hurt and it was hard to breath - she told him her who husband was and where he worked - she was responsive and  talking the whole time to Bryan until they intibated (sp?) her at the hospital. We then all deduced God didn't want her in Heaven yet because he had not sound proofed her room. You all know one of the things we love most about Michele is that she is loud:)
Matt reported that Michele only remembers that she was coming home from Craig then the next memory is Stevie D. in her face. This part was pretty funny. Steve's concern is that  one day she will have these nightmares of his head in her face. Time will tell on that one.
She also has not wanted to know a lot about what happened to her body since she is concerned about nightmares and afraid if her memory comes back it will be too scary to relive. She heard more during the interview then she had previously known - especially the details of the impaled object. She knows in time she will want to know more, but for now she likes being in the dark of the gruesome details. Steve did say once she could speak when she was in the ICU,  her first concern and words were if anyone else was hurt. The answer is only one driver had a small cut to his thumb and was not taken to the hospital - God was truly with all involved. She has not read the blog yet, since she knows we tried to document everything for her. When she is ready it will be here for her. Jody Spradlin was at the interview with her husband Chris (pastor at Euzoa) and understands. She also said she would have liked to have known about what she missed when she lost her leg in an accident. For those of you who don't know Jody, she was hit by a drunk driver when she was a teenager. She is now armed or should I say legged with a mighty stick should Chris get out of line. I can only say this because I know Chris and Jody and they will be laughing - she has probably already threatened him with it.
God is my final thought for the interview. Although Michele gave credit to the men who saved her she emphatically gave the ultimate credit to God. Yes their faith is drastically increased due to living out these miracles, but she knew without God, Bryan or the doctors could not have done what they did.  As Michele gets better I tend not to be as reaching for your prayers and kind wishes nor do I talk about God and his role in all of this as much, but please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. It's like when you have a baby everyone comes and offers help in the beginning then a month later the new mom is faced with a crying eating pooping peeing machine. Where is the help then? Michele will certainly need our support for a very long time.  God is with her every step of every day and she needs Him - as we all do.
God, I don't mean to leave you out of the blog - we know you are just as much with Michele during her recovery phase as you were in saving her. If I forget to give you as much credit as you deserve its only because I am human and I know you have already forgiven me for my oversight, but just wanted you to know that. You know I tend to forget about you when things are going good - my bad. I am going to try harder to remember you in this blog and at all times:) Please stay with Michele to keep her spirits up, her attitude positive, and her will to strengthen her body  as strong as ever.... Thanks God!

 Also remember, the account at Vectra is still active - Steve would prefer I am sure not to mention this, since everyone is hurting financailly in this down economy, but I know the bills they are incurring are astronomical. Thanks!

Euzoa Bible Church now has the Care Calendar up and running. Please check it out at:
     CALENDAR ID      :   64101
     SECURITY CODE :   4021

The HELPER logon is used by family and friends
that would like to sign-up to help a loved one.

To access Steve & Michele Dunklin's personal CareCalendar site,
the following information in the appropriate spaces:

     CALENDAR ID      :   64101
     SECURITY CODE :   4021

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